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Hydrogen Generators

Revolutionizing Energy Production: The Rise of Hydrogen Generators

Embarking on a journey through the rapidly evolving landscape of energy production, the spotlight shines brightly on the emergence of hydrogen generators. As a transformative force in the global energy market, these powerful devices are unlocking immense potential and ushering…

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Cogeneration is a technology that allows two types of energy to be produced simultaneously in the same installation: mechanical and thermal, from a single fuel (coal, fuel oil, natural gas, wood, biomass, etc.). While cogeneration has already proven its effectiveness…

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What is the deployment of renewable energy today?

All renewable energies are being developed, but they are not all at the same stage of maturity. The worldwide boom in photovoltaics, made possible by the sharp drop in the cost of producing a kWh, is the most spectacular event…

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What is renewable energy?

Renewable energies (hydraulic, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass) are developing intensely all over the world, driven by the need to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. What is renewable energy? Energy is said to be renewable when it…

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What are the five types of renewable energy?

At the origin of all the renewable energies that humanity exploits today, there are only two main sources: the Sun and the Earth. However, specialists like to classify these energies into five main types, each with its own specific characteristics….

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Renewable energies: what technologies currently exist?

The nuclear accident in Fukushima is rekindling the debate on alternative energy sources. The European Union wants 20% of its energy to come from renewable sources by 2020 – up from the current 9%. On 22 March members of the…

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