Sustainable development

Making the Right Choices in Sustainable Energy Management

Sustainable energy management is a key issue for companies today. As long-term strategic thinkers, energy entrepreneurs need to be closely involved in these practices. They play an important role in guiding their organizations towards more sustainable energy choices. Energy entrepreneurs…

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Overview of the challenges of the 3 pillars of sustainable development

Whether economic, social or environmental, the issues raised by sustainable development are many and varied. The first step before embarking on a sustainable development process is to understand all the challenges. Acquiring a 360° vision of the challenges is essential…

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The three pillars of sustainable development

Beware of preconceived ideas: sustainable development cannot be reduced to environmental protection! Indeed, sustainable development is based on three pillars, three interdependent components: The environmental dimension The social dimension The economic dimension Official international definition in 1987 The 1987 Brundtland…

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What is sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the concept that defines the need for transition and change that our planet and its inhabitants need in order to live in a more equitable, healthy and environmentally friendly world. A model for the organization of society…

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